Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager
Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager
Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager
Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager
Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager
Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager

Jade Gua Sha- Jade Facial Massager


Genuine Jade

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Product Description

Natural Jade Gua Sha made with 100% Original Jade Stone, the ‘stone of heaven’.

Facial Gua Sha is the practice of gently drawing a curved stone along the contours of your face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by reducing muscle tension in the face. Gua sha is said to also improve circulation and assists in lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling which will help to define the face.

Before getting started, follow these steps:

Store your jade gua sha in the fridge if you like.  The benefit of a jade Gua Sha, as opposed to a simple massage with the hands, is that the cool temperature of the stone may help alleviate puffiness

Cleanse your skin. Follow your usual morning skin care routine. If it involves cleansing, rinse your skin before using the Gua Sha.

Apply a serum or moisturizer. Use your usual nourishing product just before your Gua Sha. The massaging movement of the Gua Sha can help your topical products absorb better into your skin

You can use once or twice a day, but equally when you want some relaxation and massage the Gua Sha is an excellent way to unwind. 

Start with the forehead. Glide tool in an upward motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.
Next, move to the cheeks & glide in an outward motion from the nose to the ear.
Move to the under-eye area with a light pressure glide from the inner corner under brow towards the temple. Repeat.
Lastly, take the tool on the jawline from the chin and glide upwards to the ear to help release any jaw tension.

Guide fluids through the lymphatic system. Lastly, go down the edges of your face and then your neck, this helps guide the fluid down through the lymphatic system.

Used in Chinese culture for many years they are believed to have various positive properties as part of your beauty regime. The benefits include:

lymphatic drainage - Massaging the face and neck can stimulate the lymph nodes to drain fluid from the face
tighter-looking facial skin - Massaging the face and neck pushes fluid and toxins into the lymphatic channels and stimulates the lymph nodes to drain it away.This results in a firmer and less puffy appearance.

facial de-puffing
improved circulation - Facial rolling stimulates blood circulation, which can make your skin appear brighter, firmer, and healthier.
better product absorption - Rolling or massaging the face after applying topical product can help the product absorb into your skin
It’s the massage movement that drains fluids

Safety tips

Use gentle pressure. Your roller should never cause pain or tug your skin. Rolling too aggressively can irritate and even damage the skin, especially in sensitive areas, like under the eyes.
Wash your roller in soap and warm water. Cleanse it after every use. This gets rid of bacteria and grime that could irritate your skin or lead to acne breakouts.
Don’t aggravate your skin. Facial rolling is safe for most skin types when done properly.


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