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Welcome to our Amber Jewellery Blog!


The aim is when we aren't busy packing orders and speaking with customers is to a few words and let you know what's coming up and what we are up to, review products. Maybe a bit sporadic but we will try and write when we can. Its not just about amber but also all our teething products, adult jewellery and more. If you have any ideas or suggestions then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you. 

13 July 2015  |  Toby

A few ideas to help make travelling with little ones a bit easier

3 April 2014  |  Toby

The signs of teething and products to help relief the pain

2 Comments27 March 2014  |  Toby

The Ugly Duckling:
Bath toys are full of bacteria and infected water.

18 August 2013


25 November 2012  |  Toby
The Healing Power of Coconoil

Coconoil - Coconoil The Key Points

Virgin Coconut Oil is cholesterol free
Naturally sugar free
When digested the MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) contained in Virgin Coconut Oil go directly to the liver and are transformed into energy and not fat
Virgin Coconut Oil also contains around 50% Lauric Acid (one of the main constituents of Mothers milk)

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Aventurine Pocket Angel

Aventurine Pocket AngelFrom:  £5.95

Beautiful Green Aventurine Crystal Pocket Angel

Adult Amber Heart Pendant Bracelet

Adult Amber Heart Pendant Bracelet£9.99

Stylish adult bracelet - leather cord and amber heart

Unpolished Baroque Amber Necklace

Unpolished Baroque Amber Necklace£15.95


Unpolished Baroque Amber Necklace

Pink Banded Agate Tumblestone Crystal Gemstones

Pink Banded Agate Tumblestone Crystal Gemstones£1.49


Pink Banded Agate Tumblestone Crystal Gemstones

Adult Chunky  Mookaite Bracelet

Adult Chunky Mookaite Bracelet£9.99   £8.99

Beautiful chunky adult mookaite tumblestone bracelet

Adult Amber Pear Drop  Pendant Necklace

Adult Amber Pear Drop Pendant Necklace£9.99


Stylish adult necklace - leather cord and amber pear drop