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Our Amber Jewellery

24 February 2017  |  Toby

People often ask how come your amber is so reasonably priced given the excellent quality. 

Simple, we are the leading amber jewellery retailer in the UK and have worked hard with our same suppliers for over 8 years. We buy in very large volumes and ensure the best possible prices that work for our suppliers and for us. We pass the savings on to you. The amber we buy is the best you can get. 

We run a lean operation, no expensive retail stores, efficient systems and we work hard! Most of our business is from recommendations - we don't spend thousands on marketing. Good products and service sell themselves.

We have over 6000 5 star reviews and so far have shipped orders to over 60 countries from as far afield as Fiji to the Falkland Islands, Brazil to Thailand and more. 

If you're not happy for any reason with your purchase then get in touch and we will do everything possible to sort it out for you. We love happy customers!

If you have any questions please get in touch


featured products
Autumn Medley Amber Necklace

Autumn Medley Amber Necklace£14.95


Made from different shaped and coloured amber, some frosted, some shiny.

Tigers Eye Pocket Angel

Tigers Eye Pocket AngelFrom:  £5.95


Beautiful Tigers Eye Crystal Pocket Angel

Amber and Amethyst Necklace

Amber and Amethyst Necklace£17.95


A lovely amber and amethyst necklace

Adult UNPOLISHED Baroque Amber Clasp Bracelet

Adult UNPOLISHED Baroque Amber Clasp Bracelet£9.99


Beautiful unpolidhed amber clasp bracelet / anklet in many colours and sizes

Sea Pearl, Unpolished Honey Amber and Rose Quartz Necklace

Sea Pearl, Unpolished Honey Amber and Rose Quartz Necklace£17.95


A lovely necklace with sea pearl, unpolished honey amber and rose quartz

Adjustable Amber Bracelet

Adjustable Amber Bracelet£13.99


Adjustable adult bracelet in many colour options