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Tutim NYC


"Finally...a solution that is as stylish as it is practical. Keeps virtually any teething toys from hitting the ground when out on a walk and keeps them nearby when indoors".

Features include:

•  No more lost or dirty toys.

•  Enables child to “rescue” their toy on their own.

•  Connect one end of the Toy Sitter to a stroller, car seat, carrier, shopping cart or high chair; connect the other end to a child’s favorite toy.

•  Use the center snap to shorten the strap’s overall length or to create a larger loop at one end.

•  Machine washable.

•  Each Toy Sitter has been made with Safety as #1 priority, but as with any baby toy, please use only under adult supervision.

•  Handmade in the USA.

A must have to look after your baby's toys when out and about.

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Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Bloom Stripes

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Green Sun

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Tangerine Elephants

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Green Apple

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Ocean Stripe

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Pink Dots

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