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Tutim NYC


"Finally...a solution that is as stylish as it is practical. Keeps virtually any teething toys from hitting the ground when out on a walk and keeps them nearby when indoors".

Features include:

•  No more lost or dirty toys.

•  Enables child to “rescue” their toy on their own.

•  Connect one end of the Toy Sitter to a stroller, car seat, carrier, shopping cart or high chair; connect the other end to a child’s favorite toy.

•  Use the center snap to shorten the strap’s overall length or to create a larger loop at one end.

•  Machine washable.

•  Each Toy Sitter has been made with Safety as #1 priority, but as with any baby toy, please use only under adult supervision.

•  Handmade in the USA.

A must have to look after your baby's toys when out and about.

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Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Tangerine Elephants

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Bloom Stripes

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Ocean Stripe

Tutim NYC Toy Sitter Pink Dots


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