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Snoozebaby is a hip and innovative baby textile accessory (lifestyle) brand. All their products are designed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Baby products all are designed with child-friendly labels incorporated into them. Their goal is to achieve creative, safe and environmentally friendly products that children and parents will love.

The label products not only are fashionable, trendy and beautiful to look at, but they also stimulate young children’s fine motor skills, particularly fostering their tactile sense. They offer comfort and are calming to babies. Research on the functionality of the labels shows 64 % of parents see the cuddling toys as peace giving and calming.

Sweet Dreaming Comforters
Snoozebaby Characters


The labels attached to the products vary in size, colour and material. Satin, silk, corduroy and rustling materials are all used. Most products are made of the basic materials velour and jersey fabric, which absorb a child’s odour. Moreover, they feel wonderfully soft. The materials and products have been tested extensively, are all CE certified and meet European EN71 test norm.

Amber Pumpkin stocks a range of Snoozebaby products - wonderfully packaged and presented these items make perfect gifts.

Snoozebaby recently joined Made-By. Made-By ensures that all seamstresses, sewers and cotton pickers who contribute to Snoozebaby products work under safe and fair conditions. Furthermore, the products use environmentally friendly biological cotton and a portion of Snoozebaby’s turnover is donated to the charity Stichting Max.