Natural Handmade Soap

Amber Pumpkin are delighted to offer these wonderful handmade organic natural soaps from Spain. They have been lovingly made for us by the Andalusia Soap Company.

The main ingredient in the manufacture of our soap is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and in true castilla or Spanish castile soap makers tradition they have included between 80 and 100% of the finest first press available. The benefits of pure olive oil soap for the skin have long been known and documented. The soaps are further enhanced with other high quality pure oils and butters, such as organic shea butter and cocoa butter, cold pressed local avocado oil and many more.. These ingredients are then combined together in a cold process handmade method of production.

This method of natural soap making is superior due to the fact that the olive oil is not heated above the ambient air temperature, this ensures that the emollients (moisturising qualities) present in the oils are preserved. During the process, blends of pure essential oils are added to fragrance the end product naturally. Natural organic bath products that are hand crafted in this way are very gentle and mild and are suitable for all skin types, even for use on small children and very sensitive skin.

The soaps are ethical and do not contain synthetics, chemical fragrances, detergents, foaming agents such as SLS (sodium laureth sulphate) or parabens. We ensure that our raw materials are derived from sustainable and fair trade resources. Not tested or include anything that has been tested on animals.

And Palm oil free!