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Libra Gemstone Crystal Set
Libra Gemstone Crystal SetLibra Gemstone Crystal SetLibra Gemstone Crystal SetLibra Gemstone Crystal Set

Libra Gemstone Crystal Set

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Brand:  Crystal Pumpkin

LIBRA Crystal Collection: 23rd September - 22nd October

Blessed with great intuitive abilities, following your instincts comes naturally to you. Librans are typically intelligent, kind and always willing to put others before themselves, valuing harmony in all forms. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libra adores a life that looks good.

A beautiful collection of 4 crystals specifically chosen for the Gemini Zodiac Star Sign. They are beautifully presented and carefully packed in a lovely zodiac themed gift box. Perfectly prepared and ready for gifting.


Amethyst: A calm moon stone for Libra. Meditation is important for Librans, as it brings clarity and spiritual insights. As the Stone of Meditation, it encourages inner reflection, whilst promoting emotional balance. This teaches you to feel more certain of your beliefs. It also helps you to feel secure in your surroundings, allowing your gentle easy-going nature to flourish.

Aquamarine: A Libra gemstone that opens the mind, helps you tolerate others and releases the tendency to judge others. It promotes the harmony Libra sun signs love and it helps to trust their intuition and go with the flow. This stone also improves mental function and reduces arguments.

Citrine: Concentrates Libraís natural tendency for positivity and joy. It balances emotions and removes some of their sensitivity to criticism. Enhances their confidence, commitment and dedication to their goals.

Rose quartz: The ascendant and moon stone for Libra. Itís the Stone of Unconditional Love that supports self-love, inner peace and relationships. Libras often feel incomplete when not in a relationship. Many have an unspoken belief that they need a romantic partner to feel happy. Through reinforcing your self-worth, rose quartz can inspire you to see the beauty in yourself. While relationships can be wonderful, self-love is the path to true happiness. Along with encouraging self-love, rose quartz releases anger and resentment. It can also soothe arguments and even attract a new love into your life.

Crystals are natural and will vary from order to order but we always aim to provide the most beautiful gemstones possible.

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