Why do other sites advertise Amber teething anklets?

Amber Pumpkin are a genuine UK 🇬🇧 business and adhere to UK and EU laws.

Many of our competitors pretend to be based in the UK but are actually based abroad, typically in Latvia.

They don't comply with the law and make all sorts of claims and advertise illegally promoting to babies. Amber jewellery is made up of small parts and therefore should be marketed to over 36 months. The products they sell and we sell are the same and they should follow the same rules but appear to above the law.

It is very difficult for a UK business to compete when some businesses can call them Amber teething necklaces or Amber teething anklets and we can't.

It should be one rule for all. Rest assured we offer excellent customer service and best prices and we pay UK taxes and vat. We support the UK economy yet.