Best Teething Toys UK

Best Teething Toy Review 2019

We often get asked what teething toys do you recommend for my baby. It is true there is a lot of choice out there and they essential fall in to 5 main catagories:

Plastic Teething Toys
Silicone Teething Toys
Natural Rubber Teething Toys
Fabric Teething Toys and 
Wooden Teething Toys

We don't stock plastic teething toys, personally we don't like the idea of babies (or anyone) with plastic in their mouths all day, it can leech toxins, its bad for the environment and can be hard and breakable leaving gums more irritated. Most of the plastic teething toys come from China, so yes they maybe good value but surely the priority is safety and functionality.  A few pounds saved for some plastic tat isnt good value. 

Next are Silicone teething toys, these can have the bright colours of plastic but without the toxins or risks of shattering. Silicone is great for moulding into interesting and often lifelike shapes to create fun teethers. Some of our favourites include the silicone cookie teethers designed to look like Oreo biscuits. A cute teether for little babies. Amber Pumpkin has its own range of silicone teethers including Elephant Teething Toys, Butterfly Teething Toys, Dinosaur Teething Toys and many more. Silicone is also a perfect material to produce silicone teething jewellery. We stock a range of designs, they are all for the parent to wear and the baby to chew on. This type of teething jewellery is perfect when out and about as it can be worn without the worry of dropping it.  It also means your own expensive jewellery is not broken or a danger to your baby. Silicone Teething Toys are non-toxic and BPA free.

Rubber Teething Toys are becoming increasing more popular as people look for an eco-friendly alternative that is safe and kind for baby and the planet. Rubber is fully sustainable as it literally grows on trees! It is the sap of a tree that is 'tapped', this sap is then collected and turned into rubber and put into moulds to produce strong functional teething toys. Perhaps the most famous is Sophie La Giraffe which has an impressive range of teethers. Also very popular is Boo the Bunny natural rubber teether from Rooba.  This teether is perfect;y designed with big ears to reach those pesky back teeth, integrated handle for little ones to hold independently, loads of textures and one piece so no air holes which means no mould! Rubber Teethers are eco-friendly and can be composted or recycled at the end of use unlike plastic.  The Dinosaur Teething Toys are also very popular and a lovely gift. 

Fabric teething toys offer a soft, comforting and reassuring feel. Many can go in the washing machine and become favourite toys for little ones. We offer a range of fabric teethers including the Buddy Comforters Range. These are made with organic cotton offcuts from material used to make onsies for babies - material that ordinarily would go to landfill. Others include the Best Years range of fabric teething toys.

Wooden Teething Toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, we have a lovely Wooden Apple Teething Toy. That is beautifully made complete with a gentle bell inside the wood to stimulate and entertain the baby. 

If you have any comments on the best teething toys UK please get in touch we would love to hear your thoughts.