Amber Teething Necklaces - Do they work?

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Green Junior Robot Necklace

Green Junior Robot Necklace£12.95  (2)

Stylish jewellery that is non-toxic designed for kids 3+

Jellystone Scarlet Red Necklace

Jellystone Scarlet Red Necklace£22.50  (1)

Stylish jewellery that is non-toxic designed for practical modish mums

Organic Pendant Smokey Black

Organic Pendant Smokey Black£12.95  (1)

Stylish jewellery that is non-toxic designed for practical modish mums

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Teething Bling Pendant - Red Shimmer

Teething Bling Pendant - Red Shimmer£13.95   £11.95  (1)

Our Red Shimmer coloured pendant

Teething Bling BANGLE - Tanzanite Blue

Teething Bling BANGLE - Tanzanite Blue£10.95   £8.95  (2)

Vibrant Tanzanite Blue coloured bangle

Rattle N Roll Blue Dove

Rattle N Roll Blue Dove£8.99

A fun pull along

latest reviews
Amber Pumpkin
Tuesday, 9 December 2014  |  Thelma

My order arrived very quickly and nicely packaged so nothing could be damaged. They did however forget one necklace as I have twins and ordered two but once I e-mailed they came straight back to me and confirmed it was an error and would send the second necklace. I wasn't left waiting and wondering so couldn't fault them.

Thank you very much!
Sunday, 7 December 2014  |  Michelle

Lovely Amber bracklets, thank you my daughter wears hers all the time and they work wonders!! Defo recommend x

Great service yet again
Friday, 5 December 2014  |  Katie

This cheek rub has been wonderful and seems to really calm down my baby at night time. The scent is lovely and I think it is really helping ease his teething, along with his amber anklet we got from Amber Pumpkin last month. Wonderful natural baby products, thank you!

Best thing I've been bought
Wednesday, 3 December 2014  |  Sue

Such a great product and it really works! My daughter really suffered with teething when she was 5 months old then we boight this necklace and her symptoms reduced so kin so I was never sure if she was teething or not! Now boight another necklace for my new niece. Can't recommend it enough.

Everything you could ask for
Friday, 28 November 2014  |  Claudia

Lovely bracelet, gorgeous colour, really well made and prompt delivery, genuinely could not ask for more. The adjustable length is fantastic, so easy to make sure it always fits properly which gives peace of mind. I am sure it has helped my daughter already - my son had one and the nights he didnt wear it were the nights I got no sleep, just hope this one works as well for my daughter!

wouldn't be without!
Friday, 28 November 2014  |  Jaclyn

we discovered amber pumpkin with our daughter and were amazed that it really did work! it was a no brainer when our son came along to get him one. actually our daughter necklace was still perfectly fine after daily use 4yrs on but nursery wanted him to have an anklet.

Here's hoping. ..
Wednesday, 22 October 2014  |  Jo

Receivedthis last week and as iI ordered a cm too big due to the rate shes growing, we haven't really worn it much yet. Shes had it on a few times tucked under a sock, Here's hoping it does a job!

Brilliant product!
Monday, 15 September 2014  |  Madeleine

A great idea - my baby loves it, and it is fashionable enough to wear as a necklace even when baby has finished teething!

Simply the best
Sunday, 6 July 2014  |  Jacky

This is the best coconut oil i have ever purchased. It is great for cooking but equally pleasant to take as a supplement. The best,simply the best!